Our Wedding Date: October 22, 2016

Their Story



If they could tell you a little bit about Jessica Louise and Desi Robert, "Robbie," they would have to both say, that they are blessed. Why, might you ask? Because they were given this chance to have a relationship based on a true friendship.  And, this friendship all started in the Spring of 2014, at a little shop called Zeno.

It all began with Jessica and Desi meeting, while representing Xerox products, unfortunately they did not hit it off right away. If you ask Jessica, today, to look back, she would say Desi was not interested at all. And, if you ask Desi, he would have said she was unattainable.

Luckily, over time, their colleagueship turned into a friendship.

And, while stars aligned - life-changing love evolved;

Their friendship blossomed at the end of the summer into Serendipity.


And, their love story began.


"A Fortunate Happenstance; A Pleasant Surprise"


This would never be possible without patience and love. Accepting each other for who they truly are, while growing and learning, together. Jessica has two beautiful children, Mason and Zoe, and Desi has expressed much patience and love for all three. Jessica is extremely grateful for Desi, as well as in return, he is thankful for her.


Some Fun Facts About the Couple:

  • Desi is named after his father, therefore, he goes by Robbie, after his given middle name of Robert.
  • Jessica has several infamous nicknames: Jess, Jessie, Lala, Tip-It, Jtip, and Jessica Louise.
  • Robbie was born in Texas - raised in Florida; Jessica was born in Florida - raised in New Jersey.
  • Jessica loves anything creative; if she had the option to paint for hours or Pinterest, she would, hands down!
  • Robbie is a huge Star Wars and Cowboys fan!
  • Jessica was raised by her Aunt Anita and Uncle Mike, whom love the Giants, so much that they decorated their home with memorabilia for Robbie's first trip to Jersey.
  • Robbie is proud of his very influential Hungarian heritage; Jessica has fallen not only in love with him, but his mother's amazing food.
  • Both, Jessica and Robbie love listening to music, eating great food, while spending quality time with family and friends.




A Special Thank You from Jessica and Robbie:


Thank you, for being a special part of our lives, we both are truly excited and we are looking forward to spending this special moment with you all, our friends and family. We are blessed to have the love and support; we appreciate each and every one of you.

Now, May the Force be with You...
Until Jessica says I Love You...
And Robbie says I Know.

The countdown begins until our big day!


With Love,
Jessica & Desi (Robbie)